columns are not appeared in ax 2009 reports when we save in pdf file

Hi All,

I have developed a AX 2009 report with audesign which has two sections i.e PageHeader(columns are placed) and the page header section I created one shape control (rectangle box as column box) inside the shape

placed all the controls(text type) and set text property for as column name.

so when I open the report it shows all the columns along with rectangle box control but when I saved the report in pdf

columns are not appeared except rectangle box

when I set visible property to false for rectangle box, then all the columns are appeared but I want both of them

can any one share their experience please

thank you all

Dear Krishna,

Try to print the pdf file using PDF enbedded fonts. (or) check the columns are appears front of the rectangular box.



Hi Raj,

I tried, but it won’t work, any alignment adjustments?

Hi Krishnan,

Fine, just move the rectangular shape object first (to the top) in the programmable section list, after that list out the controls.

Try this one.