Column [Type] in table Sales Invoice Line

Which table has the descriptions for the number codes used in column [Type] in table Sales Invoice Line in Dynamics Nav?


Hi Deepa,

Can you just elaborate what is exactly is required and question ?

The Sales Invoice Line table has a column named Type. This column has a few number values such as 1,2,etc. How do I find out what these values represent?

I think you want to go to the table field (#5), select Properties and look at the OptionsString.

I would rather ask you WHY? Why do you need this?

It is correct that the different options are available in table 113 in the optionstring property of the type field. But you should not change it here, if that’s what you have in your mind. The field/option is related to other tables and incorporated in a lot of programming around the system, and changing will most likely cause this functionality to stop working correctly.

yes Erik is right… Perhaps you can add more options in the end if you want… and then load the condtion in the “No.” field… but that shud happen from sales line table , sales shipment line table and sales invoice line table…and ofcourse sales credit memo table as well…

but first you need to clear about your required functionality.