column headings troubles

hi, I have a very annoying problem and I only came across quick and dirty solutions. Does anyone know of a clean solution for the following : I have a report with let’s say 2 lines. Article number / Unity / UnityPrice / Total Cost Price 99.xx.xxxx 1 0 0.00 23.25.3695 5 5 25.00 If my article number is of the form “99.xx.xxxx” I want to see no data in the other columns. If my article number is normal, I want to see the other data. My problem is then as follows : if my first article is of the form “99.xx.xxxx” then my label above dissappear ??? I get Article number 99.xx.xxxx 23.25.3695 5 5 25.00 Does anyone know a solution to this problem? thx in advance, Kathleen Alliët

Hi How do you “clear” the values for the item?

Hello Helmut, I use a display method where if (substr(TLVsmmQuotationLine.ItemId, 1, 2) == “99”) {return " ";}

Hello again, I’ve figured it out !! It was a report made by my former colleague. He made two bodies : - body1 - bodyRemark In case of a 99.xx.3000 to 99.xx.9999 he goes to the body bodyRemark (with the only attribute the article number, 106 chars wide. In other cases he goes to the body body1 (with attributes article number,unity, unity price, total cost price) So, if the bodyRemark comes first, I only see the labels of the bodyRemark (being ArticleNumber) If the body1 comes first, then I see all the labels I would like to see. Yep … So I suppose I need a programmable section with all headings and no headings in the two types of bodies. And note all fields in ModelFieldName. Problem solved!