Coloured Indicator Bars

Hi Everyone, Just a quick query to check that I haven’t missed anything blindingly obvious. I have had to add a few Indicator bars to the Job card - no problem. Ideally I would like to change their colour from sickly hospital green to something more palattable. Any ideas because I can’t seem to find the right property. BTW I’m working on Attain 3.60 SQL under Windows XP Regards Simon

Hi! The color of the “Indicator-Bar” depends on the Windows (also XP?) settings for marked/selected Objects. As far as I know, there’s no possibility to change it within NAVISION … [:(] Regards, Jörg

maybe i misunderstood the problem, but you can change the color of an indicator by simply selecting another (foreground) color in colorpalette

Yep, you’re right! The only indicator bars you can not influence (can you?) are those on Dialogs (@1@@@@@@@@) … [:I]

The fact that something is technically possible does not imply that you should actually do it.

Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies. Even changing the foreground colour doesn’t solve the problem - I still end up with Sickly Hospital Green.