Colors again

with interesting i’ve read the thread about the color-discussion (select color). one more question this regarding: the color is a number of 8 digits, where i guess always two digits describe one pixel of color (red, green, blue) and one the luminance. But - do i guess right ? How can i select a certain color ? The problem i had was that i wanted to mark some special fields in a form as mandatory and to give them a light red color. However, i found the combination, but that was only luck… Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Simply bring up the C/Side Reference Guide (press F1) and search for RGB. Everything is explained there. I can give you this small hint: RGB value := Red + (Green * 256) + (Blue * 256 * 256)

Yes ! found it ! thanks ! Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

A little trick I use, using the RGB formula is to go into paint brush and goto Define More Colours Section. It will give you the spectrum and allow you to click on any colour. It will then give you the RGB values, use the RGB formula and you can then have any colour within Navision

I’ve posted a small program in the downloads section that allows easy selection, copying & pasting of colour values. Please allow a few days for the download to be evaluated & accepted! Kind regards, Jan Hoek Weha Automatisering BV Woerden - The Netherlands