Color form in one company

Hi I need to add some colors on few screens in a particular company in my database ( who has 2 cies). How am i do that? Thanks

As an end user you are not going to be able to do that, you will need code that differentiates between the companies.

Judging from Tatiana’s profile, she’s not an End User - I guess this posting doesn’t belong to this forum [8D] Anyway, this can be accomplished in many ways. Check out the function COMPANYNAME for starters. Alternatively (without the dreaded hardcode) you can define your own fields in e.g. the “Company Information” or “General Ledger Setup” table to enable the control of colors. Please specify your exact needs and I’m sure we’ll be able to help.

Steffan, you are probably right, but I generally assume that a post to the End User forum, means that the poster is seeking a solution that can be done by the end user, even if Tatiana is an implementer. Personally I don’t like using colours to differentiate companies. I understand the client request, but I think there are better solutions. Unfortunately those solutions generally involve the dreaded four letter T word (t’chn) , which we know clients are generally obtuse to. You can create a field in the company table to store colour values, but you need to be clear where you will use them. Storing a graphic and displaying that might be a better solution.

A very simple solution can be to add a control with sourceexpression “COMPANYNAME”. This can be done also without programming.

Yes Marq, that is the defacto standard method used by just about every one, and I also recommned it. This issue though is that rosine has obviously been asked by the client of a way that the user them selves can have COLOUR based on the Comany Name. I think rosine, you need to suggest to your client what marq has suggested here.

Yes, that is the job of the constultant. Not always carry out the exact wish of the customer but advising the best way of making a solution.[:D]

Just rememebr to tell the client: “Be very careful what you ask for, just in case you get it.”

Thanks for your ideas