Has anyone else used ColdFusion with a Navision database? ColdFusion (from what I can gather), is a web server and we are attempting to create a form for our web users, which is linked to a Navision table. We have also encountered problems with the C/ODBC driver with a Delphi front end.

Hello. I haven’t tried ColdFusion; however, I do not know of any problems with Delphi. If you post more information perhaps I’ll be able to help you more.

We have used ColdFusion to read and write to Navision in a test situation, unfortunately we haven’t been able to get anyone to pay us to do it yet. It’s a lot less technical than ASP and the development environment is good once you get used to it. I found that one of the main limitations is CODBC itself but than you have the same problem with other web servers as well. Probably best if you email me with any specific questions.