COGS g/l account and using Gen. Prod/Gen. Bus. Posting Groups for analysis


I was wondering if someone might be able to help me.

I am looking into how we could have a single sales revenue g/l account and a single COGS g/l account and then use the Gen. Prod. Posting Group and the Gen. Bus. Posting Group to filter and generate reports to analyse sales and COGS for various products and customer types.

With regards to the revenue side of things, this seems fairly straightforward. These two codes are associated with each entry posted to the g/l, meaning that this could be filtered easily.

However, for COGS, there doesn’t seem to be any association between the GBPG/GPPG and the entries on the g/l account, these two columns are simply blank.

I would have assumed that since the GBPG and the GPPG are both mapped to specific g/l codes for sales and COGS, that these codes would appear on the COGS entry as well as the sales entry when the sales invoice is posted.

Please can anyone let me know how we could filter by these two codes for COGS, allowing us to have a single g/l?

Thanks in advance, any help would be hugely appreciated.