COGS account is not affecting...

Trying to post a sales order with Ship and Invoice…

When I navigate and see I. The posted document my cogs is not affecting. Version 2015 NAV

Hi Karan,
Without knowing a bit more, then it’s not easy to help you.

Like do you only have this issue for a specific sales order, is for all sales orders? Is it all items or only a specific item.
And then it would help to know how that item (or all your items) have been setup.
Or did you disable direct posting of COGS in inventory setup?

Hi Erik,
Here is the detail info…

  1. I checked auto cost posting in inventory setup
  2. Iam using average cost method
  3. It is happening for few sales Orders
  4. I defined COGS ACCOUNT in posting setup.

Ok, that’s fine.

So if it works on other sales orders, what is the difference between the sales orders where it works, and where it doesn’t work?

Also check the value entries for the orders that doesn’t work?

Thing is when I create an item and I do a purchase process and and sales too at my very first transaction my direct cost actual is not affecting. But it is happening with other transactions.

Then look at the product posting group. Is it different from the other items? Also check the other fields related to item costing.

I checked the posting groups it’s same. I can a answer but need more info on y it is behaving like that… The solution I found is when I run the post inventory cost to g/l batch then my cost is updated. But the very first creation of item when I book a sales order and if I don’t post that and if I do a positive adjustment and I come back to my sales order and complete my posting I saw my cost is not affecting and later on all my transactions cost is affecting without running any batch jobs.

Does it have a unit cost? Did you make a purchase?

Yes I do

Then my last suggestion is for you to use the debugger. Then make an order with an item where COGS is calculated and one you created. You could also use Code Coverage, but I don’t know which version of NAV you are running. And as you asked this question in the developer forum then I assume that you are a developer and knows how to use this tool.