Cognos reporting for Navision

hi, i am trying to use cognos reporting tools to connecto to navision mssql server, but facing some problems in retrieving data from navision ms sql database. is there anyone that have ever used cognos on navision b4?

We are using Cognos Powerplay (not ReportNet) agaist Navision 3.70.a on SQL without any problems.

Hello, We have one client who is running a native Navision GB2.60G database on GB3.70 executables, whose parent company access and creates reports from it using Cognos connecting via the Navision ODBC tool. So far they have had only one problem with doing this and this was due to a known problem with Cognos, not Navision [:D][:D][:D]. Our client’s Navision database administrator told the parent company to try to do the same thing with Access instead of Cognos - When they did it in Access, it worked.

there is some decimal overflow error while querying directly into navision tables. when i checked, the setting in navision sql tables, it is using decimal with decimal precision up to 20, and cognos only has a precision up to 16. this is bad… [:(] we are using impromptu to create the connection, and using transformer to create cubes on it. the error happened when creating cubes.