Coding Syntax Help Please

Hi Forum,

can someone help me with some coding syntax please. Background, my client wants a new field on the item card showing Pack Sizes which I have added. The next bit I need help with. When raising a Sales Order the system needs to check that the Qty on the sales line is a denomination of the Pack size and flag an error if it isnt. So for example, if the pack size is 12 and they enter a quantity of 6 it should flag up a message because it is .5 and should be a demonination of 12, 24, 36 etc. What is the code to check to see if the are decimal places when comparing the 2 values. I.e if 12 / 6 = .5 it should error, if it was 12 /12 = 1 it should not error. I hope this makes sense. Thanks

IF decimal1 MOD decimal2 <> 0 THEN

MESSAGE(‘The division has decimals’);

Hi Kriki, thanks for that, I will put this code in and test it. [:D]