Coding Changes are not get affected until The Service is restarted

Hi All

we are facing a strange issue, In Nav 2013 we have developed a CU which will import the data from the sql server using Automation ‘Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library’.Connection, now the problem is if we done changes to the CU until the service is restarted, the changes are no get effected, we have tried just place a Test message on run of the CU, but the message also not appear, when we check this through debugger, the debugger went through the line"Message" , is any one face the similar one, Thanks for your ideas on this.

this was for previous version but you can give a try

Hi RS,

A question: Do you use the NAS for running this codeunit? If yes, then yes, then you must restart the NAS (and hereby the service) every time you change the codeunit.

I found that it is not needed to restart the Service to apply changes as Long as you do not have the CU running as NAS Service changed and the objects you are referencing are not declared in that CU.

So instead of running




That should make sure that the Compiler recompiles the object.

I would anyway consider leaving the Automation/ocx track with NAV 2013 as .NET components provide better flexibility and faster implementation and will run faster in the middle Tier.

I have use the""); but no affect, it seems to be something we have to do on sql server instance