Codeupgrade Dynamics AX 2012


What is the best way to do a code upgrade in AX 2012? Is it possible to skip and/or remove all these _RU, _IN, _BR objects ?



Please look at Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Why do you care about objects like _RU?

I don’t want to care. I am new in this company and we have AX2012 RTM running with all these scary objects. The one who did the installation is not here anymore and we now plan an upgrade to R3 and I want to get rid of these objects

If they’re not standard objects in RTM version (e.g. they were backported from R2 for some reason), you technically can delete them. But I can’t really comment on customizations done by your company, since I know nothing about them. Return to code upgrade only after you fix your own customizations.