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I am new user in the Dynamics Navision , Can anybudy tell me that whether the C/AL code is transfered into the In the Next version of Dynamics Navision? ,I heared from my friend.

NAV 2009 does compile code into C# for use with the role tailored client. Development is not done in C#, though, it is still done with C/AL.

the ms offical manifesto is the c/al will be not supported any more (in '11 or '12 or…). this will be replaced by a customized visual studio environment, strongly .net technology

I don’t think Microsoft has EVER said they would not support C/AL. There may be plans to use a .NET oriented interface, but “no support” and “C/AL” are not used in the same sentence.

Microsoft has NEVER said that they will not support C/AL. Whoever informed you of that was incorrect.

Check this out:

I know that this post is for Dynamics AX and X++, but we can infer from the post that the integration with VS will become true in the near future because Microsoft wishes to “put” more developers into Dynamics AX development. That’s its marketing strategy.

There is a huge difference between integration with Visual Studio and not supporting C/AL or X++.