Codeunit run Permission Error


I am using Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and I have application builder license, and have permission to create code-units. The end user has basic license and when running a form (which in turn runs a code: basically of ID 50005), he gets a permission error (thats obvious because of license issues).

I came across object property called Permission, but i dont think it will allow any codeunit attribute in.

For example, you can enter Tabledata General Ledger = rim (which mean allow permission to read, insert and modify) for this particular table in this code.

Can i use something like this to give run permission for the code-unit?

Please help, i am stuck at this forever![:’(]

Permission table manages user authorization on objects and on data included in database tables, through Security Filter field.

But this works on top of permission granted by license used (you can check them in License Permission table): if an object is not included in the license there is no way to enable users accessing it. You need to integrate user license purchasing/assigning new codeunit in the target ID range,

Danielle, thanks for replying.

I was suspecting that. Let me clarify, if the user license does not include read for the Code-unit, then i cant give permission from my App builder license to run the codeunit passively atleast? (Passive meaning, not directly running from object designer but running indirectly from some form, as i mentioned by giving permission.

If the above mentioned is not possible/allowed, then i need to extend the scope of user license itself?



No, you cannot do that for the reason stated before: if the license you or the user is running does not allow that object, there is no way to execute it directly or through other objects, until the license is not updated or changed with another one with the right permission.

I guess we need to talk to vendor for updated license.

Thanks Daniele!