Codeunit 5128404 does not exist

I am currently self learning Microsoft’s 80042.2 C/Side Introduction - Tables.

I am simply trying to add a text field to table 13 in Cronus. But each time I save I get the error" Codeunit 5128404 does not exist". I am not sure what I am doing wrong or how to correct it.

You have a variable somewhere that refers to that Codeunit. When you save and compile it will take you to the location of the error. Click View → Globals or View → Locals and you should be able to spot the problem.

However, there shouldn’t be a problem with a fresh Cronus database. Where did you get it from?


Thanks for your help, to answer you in reverse order. The database was supplied by our Navision Suppliers when they installed the system (I am an end user with database development experience wishing to learn more hence going through the C\Side training course).

When the error occurs it opens up the CAL Editor at the following line:

Default Attach. Doc. Directory - OnValidate()

// WKF6.05-039.S
GlobalFunctions.AddBackslash(“Default Attach. Doc. Directory”);
// WKF6.05-039.E

If I then view Locals There is a variable listed called GlobalFunctions of datatype Codeunit with Subtype Codeunit5128404

I did try temporarily deleting the “on validate” code but the error still occurred.

That’s as much as I have been able to determine, but I am not sure where to go from here.

It looks to me as if we have been setup with a database that has already been played with. Is there any way that I can obtain a “new and clean” Cronus company?

That database has been customized at some point. I would recommend you download a fresh Cronus database. I don’t know what version you are on, but you can find them in the downloads section here (I think), or definitely at

The variable points to the missing codeunit,so you have to delete the variable itself. Your practice database is not a clean Cronus database. You can find a clean one on the installation DVD.

Thanks for everyones help. Found the installation “DVD” on our server, created a new database and “restored” Cronus.