CodeUnit 365 (format Addresses)

Does anyone know why there are so many different format functions in codeunit 365 but doing exactly the same thing? Roelof de Jong.

They all take a different Table as input (The second parameter). Note that, in some cases, there are multiple Functions for the same Table as well, but these are for multiple addresses (Sell-to,Ship-to,Bill-to) on the same Table.

Well, I mean look at SalesBillToAddress and SalesSellToAddress and SalesShipToAddress. They all use SalesHeader as table but seem to be the same functions. Why not having just one function for all these. Roelof.

It uses different fields! It might not be pretty, but it is much easier. Most of the functions, in fact, just pushes the data on the the main function. You can just use the main function, but then you have to write much more code (Well the function cannot be in one line).