codeunit 13:Gen. Jnl.-Post Batch

hi guys,

i am quite confuse by 3 codeunits:

13 - Gen. Jnl.-Post Batch
231 - Gen. Jnl.-Post
233 - Gen. Jnl.-B.Post

what i read up (but doesn’t get it [:(])all this 3 post batch, search for respective template name, batch name and does the posting. so when will each one be called?

Code Unit 13 is used to validate all data.

hi manish,

thanks, i re-read cu13 and saw there’s a insertion into gen jnl line towards the end but only a minor potion though,
think i missed it through the first time i read [:$]

but when/ which business process will called the post batch? i search for it item-journal, gen-journal form but can’t find them [:(]

post batch called by post-print in journal form> post> post+print