CodePage Conversions

hi all

i am trying to work thru converter on automation,

but having troubles registering the dll into windows.

the dll is COMEncodingConverter2.dll, maybe there is an easy way to register so i can work it as an automation server.

maybe there is an easy way out, and you know about automation that can convert codepages.

i have a file that i imported into NAV from a tab delimitted text file.

one column is in hebrew, and i get strange signs when i import it.

excel and windows know how to read, probably NAV don’t

thanks in advance,


As you may know, Navision doesn’t support Unicode. So, you can have your DATA only in one language at a time (or more, IF they use the same codepage).
If you import data using both Latin and Hebrew characters, in Navision client the Hebrew chars will look as garbage.