Code x++ to post multiple Journal Report as finished from one button


I have a problem.

i want post multiple journal report as finished from button with single click?

is it possible ?

Thank your for your advice

yes u can do it ,by allow mutli select option on the button , go the button properties and select multiselect property to yes.

Hi Srikanth,

Thank you for your suggest.

i already tried u’r suggest.

that’s true the button is enabled but if i clicked Post, only the last journal that Posted.

Example :

I block 3 journal (a,b,c) only c that posted. a and b is unposted

is it true?

thank you

i think u need add multi -select code in button , ask any developer to do this task .

i think u need to add mutli select funcationally for this button , ask any developer to develop to do this.