Code to fill data in SalesParmTable & SalesParmLine on SalesEditLines form

In AX 2012 R3, we have a situation where we are required to modify the data when form is opened to post packing slip. We need to write the code before the SalesEditLines form opens & not when it is posted. For this purpose, we require to modify code that fills data in SalesParmTable & SalesParmLine. Where is the code written which fills data in these tables? We tried to debug but insert methods of both these tables are not called.

You need to look at createParmTable and createParmLine methods. You need to also look at the relevant status specific class - SalesFormLetterParmDataPackingSlip. You may have to override these methods to add your packing slip specific code.
createParmLine is already overridden in the packing slip related class, so you can add your code there.

Note that you can use cross-references to find where the tables are used. It’s one of the most important tools that AX developers have, so make sure you get used to it.

You can learn more about the posting framework in Using the Refactored Formletter Framework.

Thanks Kranthi. I will check those methods and will let you know if that resolves our issue.

Thanks Martin. We do use cross-reference. But it is currently not showing anything related to these tables. Which is why we went through the way of debugging the code.

In that case, rebuild cross-references, because you clearly miss (at least) some.

Thanks Kranthi. We found the code & source of data after we looked into the methods being called from these methods.

As Martin suggested, you can lean on cross references - for finding and better understanding of the application code.