Hi there,

my partner is writing code on USR layer. Do you think this is correct? If I well remember USR layer should be reserved for code that I write.

Any opinion?

I wouldn’t do that because either I would prevent you from doing your stuff in USR layer, or we would mix our code in a single layer (which would a total nightmare from maintenance perspective).

When planning a project, I always try to use a layer for which the client simply doesn’t have access code. Then I can be sure that nobody can change our code. In reality, I currently have many customers with main development in USP, because that’s how the projects were started - and it’s a pain!

And in some cases, you can find that you have less layers than products (verticals etc.) that you would like to keep in separated layers - then you have to make a compromise somewhere. (Models in AX2012 changed the rules a bit).

At present I’m on AX2012CU1. Do you think the problem is the same?

How USR layer should be used is the same.

Sorry. I thought you meant with AX2012 thing were be different. So I was trying to undestand differences

Please read it as an extension of the previous sentence only, not of the whole post.

What I meant is that modules in AX2012 simplify installation of several solutions in a single layer, so there is less pressure to place every solution into its own layer.