Code inserting to SubLedgerJournalAccountEntryDistribution table


When the SubLedgerJournalAccountEntryDistribution table getting the records.

Which means which classes or table methods to insert(Values) this table.

Anyone advise me on this

Have you tried cross-references?

If I look at references in D365FO, I see an inserts in SubledgerJournalizer.recordSubledgerJournalAcctEntriesDist().

Yes, Martin the SubledgerJournalAccountEntryTmpDetail table inserts the records to SubLedgerJournalAccountEntryDistribution. But I have to insert SubledgerJournalAccountEntryDistribution this scenario SubLedgerJournalAccountEntryTmpDetail table does not have the respective records. So you have any idea SubledgerJournalAccountEntryEmpDetail table how they getting the records…?

I would again use cross-references. Have you tried them?

Yes, I have checked cross-reference on this SubledgerJournalAccountEntryDistribution table to insert records only in SubledgerJournalizer.recordSubledgerJournalAcctEntriesDist(). You have any idea about when they are called SubledgerJournalizer class…?