CoD Supply Orders

With the economy as such I’m hoping others are having this problem. We have suppliers who require cash on delivery or occasionally payment in advance of delivery. My AP person cannot process a check without an invoice which requires a packing slip. Packing Slips put material in inventory which causes a mess. Does anyone currently have this situation and, if so, how do you get around it?

I am using Dynamics AX.

Much Thanks!

Our solution is simply, we add two lines to the PO, both type G/L

the G/L account is a balance sheet pre-payment account.

the first line is the prepayment you want to make, you can receive and invocie this line and AP can cut the check,

then when you want to book the remainder of the PO, the second line you created you make the qty a negative one, with the same amount as the prepayment.

you can receive and invoice the PO, the negative line, reverses the pre-payment amount, and the other line record the remainder of the PO.

It is simply, requires no programing, and is financially accurate.