COC of static method


I wanted to create an extension of a class, and write a COC of static main method. Is it possible, & what is the format for this.

Yes, it’s possible. It’s exactly the same as with instance methods, you just declare the method to be static.

So… don’t you want to explain your problem?

It was not getting it, on debugging I saw the standard method is also not invoked. I am using COC on main method of action menu item class for Complete at sales table. It opens a separate form, however the main method is not invoked on clicking the button, can you help me understand why, I need to write some code & since it is heavy load need to try avoiding the form

If you’re saying that a menu item calls something that opens a form but you don’t see it in debugger, you’re either looking at a wrong object or you have a problem with debugging. It has nothing to do with CoC.

If you’re talking about a standard button, we could have verified which object it called, if you gave us details.