Co-product cannot be reported as finished

Hi All,

I am having some issues on planning formula and co-product during RAF.

Planning formula cannot be reported as finished. The following error is shown:

“Item number ***** has not been completely released”.

We are allow negative consumption; hence, the above error is quite confusing.

Furthermore, if i try to untick end job in one of the listed co-products, items can be reported as finished. Then, i try to RAF again to end job, and this process appears to work. However, when i check my inventory transactions:

  1. item in the formula line of the planning formula (supposedly consumed in the production) has no recorded transaction for this specific batch order. No qty deduction reflects in the transactions.

  2. all co-products qty (as per formula) are added to each co-product inventory transaction

  3. no qty is added in the planning formula (no record in inventory as this is a non-stock item)

From my understanding, items 2 and 3 above are correct.

But i dont know why i am encountering item 1.

Is there any setting that should be updated to allow line consumption for this RAF.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Is the item that you are consuming set up with a flushing principle of Start or Finish? If it is set up as Finish, you will consume during production the actual amount, but Start would consume the BOM amount listed with scrap included after item has been Reported as Finished. Maybe this is the culprit?

Hi Kelly,

Thank you!

The item (consumption in formula line) is set up as Finish.
When the plan is released to Production, B0 (consumption of material) is actually reflected at the transaction history, but will disappear once i RAF the B0. The co-products though will be added to the inventory.

Is there any other set-up that i could look up for to make the planning formula: co product work?