CMMS/EAM Vertical

Our Maintenance & Engineering department is looking to implement a CMMS/EAM system to better manage maintenance & repairs at our facility. We are currently running Nav 2009 Classic and have not implemented any of the Service or Fixed Assets functionality. They are looking for more features than Nav currently offers and are looking for another package which will intergrate with Nav and give them the added functionality they desire. Does anyone out there have experience with CMMS/EAM verticals that we can look at?

Thanks for the help.


Hi Dave and welcome to forum,

There was a catalogue of AddOns on MS Dynamics site, listing hundreds of them, but it has either gone or I simply couldn’t find it on the spot, all I could find now was

There are some CMMS-related Navision AddOns, check yourself, and googling might bring up some not included in that catalogue.
Sorry, I can’t suggest any concrete for you, because, first, I haven’t used/seen closer any, and second - if I even had, it would be unallowed advertising…

Have a look at inCiseEAM

  • Asset lifecycle management

  • Asset tracking

  • Alerts

  • Scheduling

  • Mobility

  • Fixed assets

  • Connectors and adaptors to ERP systems


Dave - I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to TabWare, Assetpoint’s comprehensive EAM/CMMS solution. Built by maintenance professionals for maintenance, TabWare is flexible to your needs, easy to use and easy to learn. To view the TabWare demos, go to and register (all registrations come directly to me) You may also contact me directly at or 864-679-3415. I look forward to introducing you to TabWare.


Hope Brooks