CLT Control

Hello! Perhaps anyone can help me. If I want to create an instance of a CLTControl (LTServer) this errormessage appears: “Fehler 33 in Modul 35” Can anyone explain what this error means and tell me how to solve this problem? Greetings NSC Koblenz

May be the control has any visual element that makes it uncompatible directly with Navision. Try making a non-visual ocx component with visual basic that just uses it’s own functions to call the control ones and returning its results to navision (a bridge betwen navision and the control)… Good luck – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

The official explanation for the error reads: #Err_OCX_IDispatch (Module_OCX, 33) which says nothing more than we have an error calling the IDispatch method of an OCX (ha ha ha). This leads to the general question: Does anybody have a complete list with explanations about “Error nnn in Module mmm” errors? Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

I know that Navision Netherlands has documented some of these errors, unfortunately not all of them. Maybe it’s an idea to set up a website for this purpose?