CLRObject error print management

I have come across an error message in AX 2009 when a user attempts to print an invoice using Print Management. The particular invoice that the user is printing is set up to be emailed if the Use Print management option is selected.

The error message CLRObject static method invocation error appears during the process.

I can see the temporary file is created under C:\Users\AOS_SVC_TEST\AppData\Local\Temp and that the error occurs
when the AXT… folder and pdf file creation and move to AXT… folder occurs.

We gave the Authenticated Users full access to the Test directory. Right now this error does not occur in our TEST environment if you run AX right from the AOS server. TEST has 1 AOS server. But it does occur if you are signed on to one of the 2 PROD AOS servers. The same security is applied to both the TEST and PROD servers.

Does the error contain information about which method was called or are you able to find that in debugger? It’s difficult to come with any idea if we don’t know what exactly failed.

The error is occuring in the Fetch method of the SalesInvoice report in the last line of the method.

return (!hasReportBeenPrinted);

After this return the code should jump back into the Class SysReportRun\run at the super().

It does not it just errors with the CLRObject error.



Have you been able to solve this problem?

We have been able to solve the problem by emptying the temp folder mentioned in the first post.

Hi Thomas,

We never figured out a solution to this problem. We basically stopped using this feature. If you ever come up with a solution please let me know.

Thank you,


Hello Jason,

We’ve just found a solution. I don’t know if it would have been applicable in your situation though.

Your temp folder pointed us to the right direction. Thanks!

(see post above your reply)