Cloud ERP for SMEs

For my Master’s research, we are trying to find out if Cloud ERP is the best way to go forward for SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises)

I would be glad to know from you the answer to the following questions:

Thanks in advance!

We need following for our research

  1. Your full name:
  2. Your current designation:
    3.Place of work:
  3. Experience in number of years working with IT/Cloud/ERP in:

Here are the questions:

  1. How and why is the market shifting towards cloud? Why the SMEs don’t want to go for conventional solutions anymore?
    (Maybe for elaboration we can add: what was missing in the conventional solution)

  2. What are the main problems that are faced by SMEs while implementing cloud ERP solutions in their company?
    (Elaborate: Benefit to which specific department and how)

  3. How do you feel working with cloud/Cloud ERP systems? How was the system adapted in your company? Is the system scalable?
    (Ask if cloud vendors can be revealed)

  4. Are there any concerns or risk related to the cloud systems? Any software problem or security risks?
    (Elaborate: Is it a Iaas system, PaaS system or SaaS system)

  5. In future, would you be willing to shift to conventional/ On-Premise systems? Why or why not?
    Are there easy updates, maintenance, upgrade of features available for Cloud ERP? Or are there problems after updates?

  6. How do you see the future of cloud ERP solutions? AI, more integration of RPA, new tools etc? Or would you say, future will be better if a person shifts to conventional/On-Premise solutions?

It will be our honor, if you can share some of your knowledge with us :blush: