Closing stock report

Hi All ,

We are expecting a report that displays the following:

(Opening Stock + Purchases + Sales Returns) - (Issues + Purchase Returns + Sales) = Closing Stock.

This should be interms of Quantity as well as Cost and total Value.

Please let me know the path of the report.

No such report exists in system. You need to custom develop it.

However, there are reports like inventory aging and Inventory by item group but with some different data.


Thanks Pranav,

At least any standard report is availble to give the information regarding the As on date Stock Qty and Stock value against each warehouse ?

Hi Ameen,

I got the same scenario while working, also I got the solution for that. Just want to share with you and all ppl.

Yes, One standard report is present in AX 2009 you should follow the following path:

IM-> Report → Status → Inventory value → Inventory value by inventory dimension. In this report you have to select your search parameters like your AS ON DATE and WAREHOUSE.

You’ll get the report As on date Inventory Quantity along with Value and total sum of that also as well.