Closing Statement


I am closing the accounting period by selecting all the dimensions.
As specified in the document, i am able to see all the entries grouped by account no. and dimension but the P&L Account has only 1 entry without any dimension. Is there any way that the profit is shown based on the dimension?

You need to correct the blank dimension entry with something like NONE or NOTAPPLICABLE etc to show in all the dimension analysis.

I think i was not very clear… ok let me explain with an example. Location is a global dimension, I want the separate profit or loss amount based on the location. Eg:Loc1 is a dimension,Loc2 is another dimension value. I want separate entries for Profit & Loss account attached with these dimensions. Is this possible?

Pretty sure this is not possible. I have tried it and it does not. I think the issue is to do with the nature of dimensions and the balnk entries. You would need to define how to post the retained earnings and this simply does not exist. Also the balance calcualtion would presumably need to be re-written to caculate by dimension.

In the final journal you can get the closing entries by dimension, what you would need to do is take these dimension based figures, calculate the individual retained earning on this and amend the calculated line. Not simple but only done once a year [:D]

You might want to post this as a request to Microsoft, it maybe possible or they may see it as a enhancement request.