Closing Production Orders - Zero Qty

We are running NavFin 2.65. in a MFG enviornment. When production orders are released all component material is “Forward Flushed”. Periodic-Activities will generate GL transactions to take the material dollars out of the inventory account and move into the WIP account. If the order gets closed at Zero, there is no posting to the GL to remove the dollars from WIP account. Assumption is 100% of the order was scrapped, so theres nothing to move back to the Inventory account. Does anyone know of a solution - or is anyone else experiencening the same issue?

WIP Posting in Navision has been and remains seriously broken. Your issue was finally put to rest with the release of Worldwide Hotfix 9 (US Improvement 031). Both HF9/I031 pertain to the 3.70 version of the product. See the text from the error report: Error When a production order is finished with material and/or capacity but with no output, the Adjust Cost – Item Entries batch fully invoices the production order but does not clear WIP as the cost cannot be forwarded to any output. This has been corrected. Codeunit 5407 Prod. Order Status Management Service system reference: SE-34-817-CEWL I believe that you would be far more satisfied with a 3.70 system using Manufacturing (including all US Improvements installed) than what you have now. At the 3.70 level, the only remaining WIP issue is that WIP is not cleared on finished production orders until all child items are fully invoiced. This means that a single component received (on a purchase order) and used (consumed) can hold up all finished production orders from relieving WIP until the invoice arrives from the vendor. A work-around solution was provided in that Unit Costs placed on the Output Journal will credit WIP; if there are no variances then it all works out. At the 2.xx level, there are too many issues to even list. You want want to consider posting output and then using an Item Journal, Type = Negative Adjustment in order to scrap output. It is not perfect, but could be done with training only (or forced with a minor software modification that tests for an output quantity > 0 prior to allowing a status change on the production order to finished) - Dave Hutchinson

Dave, Thanks for the very complete answer. It was what I wanted to hear.