closing of an accounting period

Hi all. need help. Am very new to NAV and would like to know

what is the procedure for closing an accounting period?

Hi Alan,

if you just want to not allow posting into (for example) the last month then you should modify the fields “Posting allowed from”, “Posting allowed to” in the General Ledger Setup.

Regards Jan

In General Ledger Menu look for Periodic Activities → Fiscal Year.

Open the Accounting Periods form, point the mouse on any period inside the year you need to close and use the Close Year button. Be sure you create the periods for the new year first.

Then, in the same menu, you will find the Close Income Statement. Run it and check the G/L journal.

Many thanks Anna. Will verify and get back to you

Works great… You’re a star :wink:

Wow! [:)] [:)] [:)]