Closing Inventory - certain Items are still open

After closing certain items are still open. Could it be because there are trade agreements on those items?

Having trade agreements is defnitely not one of the reasons why the items are still open. There could be a lot of reasons, but without seeing the data I really couldn’t say what’s your issue. Is this an item with a lot of transactions on it?

Hi Helmut,

Sorry but it is pretty complicated. Initial testing didn’t seem to find the problem why some items are still “open”, until we started mixing in blanket orders.

The customer have problems closing certain items, and there are in fact two problems that we need to address.

The customer is oftenly releasing sales orders from blanket orders - which in turn are used to create production orders. When master planning is used, it differs from manually creating a production order from a sales order. Master planning doesn’t overwrite the reference in the sales order with the production order number. So the reference is the blanket order - which is still “open” until fully delivered.

Manually releasing production orders solves that problem - but creates another one! Since the blanket order reference is overwritten with the production order - the blanket order can’t track which orders were created from it!

This sounds to me like an error. Did you tell Microsoft and what are they doing?

In progress - the guy we normally ask is on vacation…

Just to follow up:

It is a bug. In fact - there are two bugs, and MS will not fix this in Ax3 (reason: too much code needs to be changed). If you use blanket orders and the production module - you need to choose which one you want to do. Either you will loose follow up on blanket orders, or you will not be able to close your inventory (or rather, closing inventory will be quite messy). This will not be an issue in Ax4.