closing date

what datatype support the closing date in navision

Date datatype with ClosingDates property Yes in table…

i have the following error : " You cannot use a closing date in date calculations"

What are you trying to do? Is there any CALCFIELD in OnValidate trigger?

i have the following:

in the request form on a report i have 2 textboxes [start date] and [end date] inside the textboxes i set the property closingdates = yes, when i run the report and fill the start date textboxes to C16/05/12 i got the following error :“you cannot use a closing date in date calculation” in the following line code

[end date] = [start date] - 1

and the datatype of the [start date] and [end date] are date.

please advice

Use NORMALDATE([start date] )