Closing and adjustment going to run for days. How to cancel it? Impact?


User tried to run the Closing and Adjustment from Inv and warehouse Mgmt > Periodic > Closing and Adjustment. This hasnt been run in this company for few years.

When user ran it , it took few hours. Then he paused it and then resumed it. But its still in same process for few hours. So they paused it.

By checking records, it looks like it ran for around 15k records and it might take another 8-9 days to complete all records. One more thing is user didnt run it using batch.

Even Cancellation button is disabled. At this point what would be ideal to do?

  1. If we enable the button from backend, and cancel it- Will there be any impact?

  2. Any other workarounds?

Any suggestions?

Ax 2012 R2.