Closed Year-End

I would be grateful for some v5 NAV assistance please. I have closed an accounting period, however i didnt realise the period end read 31 January instead of 30 September is there anyway i can re-open and change my period end?


From NAV Help:

Now the fiscal year is closed, and the program places a check mark in the Closed and Date Locked fields for all the periods in the year. Now the fiscal year cannot be opened again and you cannot remove the check mark from the Closed or Date Locked fields.

You should to your NAV partner. They may be able to come up with a solution, but it may be difficult. Someone with more financial experience than me can speak to the possible consequences of reopening an accounting period.


As Mattrax says you need to contact your partner ASAP, they can reverse this, its fairly straight forward, so long as you have not made any GL postings into the closed period since closing.

Make sure they send you someone that has good financial experience so they don’t do this wrongly. Its not a job for a junior. And also make sure to speak to your auditors/accountants before doing this.