Closed Topics

Hi All, Can you all help out with the Admin Duties in this forum please? Can I ask that if you post a question and someone answers it to your satisfaction that you lock the topic once you are happy that the topic is finished? This would help me greatly. Many Thanks in advanced for your help. PS If you want to go and lock all your old topics that would be helpful too, but can understand if you don’t [:)]

I probably overlook the obvious but can you explain to me the advantage of locking topics? My first reaction is that a topic with an adequate answer can be closed. But what if someone can add extra information, can add an alternative to the given solution or maybe just needs some extra explanation? Making a new topic for that seems less desirable to me. The other “advantage” that comes to mind is to periodically archive all closed subjects. But if that is the case all the satisfactory answers are archived, leaving the least interesting topics in the forum. Also not the most desirable situation in my opinion.

The most important thing, is that if the replies help you, then post a tank you, a/ to show a bit of appreciation, bt more importantly b/ so that we know that the problem is solved. As to locking topics, I see no point in it except if the topic is “off topic”, there si always somethign to add, so leaving the topic open is always good.