Close non-financial transfers (AX2009)

Dear experts,

I have a query on “activate closing non-financial transfers” in Inventory parameter. Once we tick/select this field we cant reset it/ untick this option. Here you go my question:

How is this option is works? what is the impact on Purchase, sales, internal transfer if I select this "activate closing non-financial transfer 'option? What r the advantages / disadvantages does the parameter have?

let say if I activated this parameter, how does it works in the Inquiries > transactions> transactions >general tab> transfer>non financial transfer (ticked/unticked).

appreciating your valuable time and views for sharing :slight_smile:

Thank you.

In the standard AX 2009, there is an option in Inventory Parameter – “Activate closing non-financial transfer”.

I found a white paper about “close non financial transfer”, yet I’m doubting whether this parameter will resolve the “standard Cost conflict” in the Transfer Order or not. Because, said parameter cannot be reset once it’s activated.

Could anyone advise what will be the impact due to this parameter activation in AX?