Close Income Statement

Hi Regarding Navision Financials Ver 2.50 with additional Reporting currency. I have a problem when I run the Report Close Income statement. The report creates General Journal Lines with amounts in the Reporting currency. The problem occurs when the account balance in LCY is Zero and the balance in reporting currency is <> 0. The code looks like this : IF GLSetup.“Additional Reporting Currency” <> ‘’ THEN BEGIN GenJnlLine.“Source Currency Code” := GLSetup.“Additional Reporting Currency”; IF (GenJnlLine.Amount = 0) AND (GenJnlLine.“Source Currency Amount” <> 0) THEN BEGIN GenJnlLine.“Additional-Currency Posting” := GenJnlLine.“Additional-Currency Posting”::“Additional-Currency Amount Only”; GenJnlLine.VALIDATE(Amount,GenJnlLine.“Source Currency Amount”); GenJnlLine.“Source Currency Amount” := 0; END; GenJnlPostLine.RunWithCheck(GenJnlLine,TempJnlLineDim); END ELSE BEGIN DimMgt.CopyJnlLineDimToJnlLineDim(TempJnlLineDim,JnlLineDim); GenJnlLine.INSERT; END; Can anybody tell me what the purpose is with creating lines in reporting currency. Of course I cannot book these lines because the total balance is <> 0. Regards Jens