Close Income Statement

Hi All, In the Chart of Account you can set the Location Code or Project mandatory per Account. When I Close the Income Statement at the end of my fical year, then the Project Code and/or Location Code is left blank for the result on the balance account. The Posting routine doesn’t accept this and a error message appears. The content is this error message is that the Location code and/or Project code is mandatory for the mentioned Account. Can anyone tell me why this message occurs and what the meaning from Navision is to handle this like it does.

I found a answer in the Developer’s Forum, but any thoughs / ideas would be welcome /Sven

Hi Sven, Are you talking about dimensions? If yes, it’s because the resulting entry to the balance sheet is void of any dimensions. It is just one entry and is not mirroring the entries backed out except in amount.

Hi G, I came accross this problem in version 2.01, but your answer does provide with the information needed. Thanks very much. Sven