Close Income Statement - Dimensions Trouble

Hi All The yearly last thing to do in Navision is to close the income statement. Every year I have trouble with restrictions on some accounts while running this procedure. Troublemaker are accounts with one or more dimensions. The system wants always a input if the dimension is ‘Necessary’! But we don’t want to close the accounts on dimension basic. In our old Navision (3.56 Blue) I solved this problem every year with changing the restrictions on the account card (temp). A lot of work [xx(]. This year I have selected another way (Attain 3.01B): I exported the default dimensions with a dataport, then I deleted all default dimensions. Then I run ‘Close Income Statement’. Without any error! Yeah! Afterwards I imported the default dimensions with the dataport in the database. Now my question: Is somebody in this forum who knows an easier way to close the accounts without posting in dimensions? bye Andre