Close Income Statement - Dimension Problem

Hi everybody. I’m using Navision 3.7 and I would like to know if there is some kind of bug in Report 94? Here’s the situation: In Table 352 Default Dimension I have configured some G/L Accounts to have a dimension as Mandatory When I run the Close Income Statement process, a message pops up saying that the dimension used caused an error. I’ve analised Table 17 G/L Entry and all entries have dimensions. But I don’t believe de problem goes around this. I would apreciate any help provided. Hope to see you soon [:)]

Now that the dimension is manadatory then all transactions in table 17 must have related entries in Table 355 , Ledger Entry Dimension. It is possible to write a report to insert the necessary records in Table 355. [8D]

I’ve checked Table 355 and there are every dimension entries corresponding to the entries in Table 17. It is a strange problem and I really don’t have a clue in solving it. Thanks anyway.

You might get further insight into the problem, turning on the debugger before starting the report (just activate “Debugger Active”), at least you will know which situation is creating that error… (as you posted in the Developer’s Forum, I assume your are developer and know a bit abour the debugger…) Saludos Nils