Close Income Statement Batch Job - Need Help

HI All,

I’m trying to close my 2009 year and I can’t seem to get it to work right. I work with Nav2009 and I did follow the help screen but I think I’m missing something. I have closed the Fiscal Year and then when I go to Close Income Statement Batch Job, I put in

FY end Date: 12/31/09

Gen. Journal Tem: GENERAL

Gen. Journal Batch: DEFAULT

Doc no. CLOSE2009

Retained Earnings Act: 30900 (retained earnings GL Account)

Inventory period closed: Checked

I think I"m missing the Balance Account because when I run this journal, it posts but the GL’s don’t take out 2009 entries and there’s no journal line that is posted on each GL account.

So what happens is all my GL accounts show balances from 2009 and 2010.

Can someone help me? Is there a step by step documentation to follow to close that someone can point me to?

Has it created an open journal for you to post?

No it just goes ahead and posts the journal, says it is successful but there is nothing that posts and the GL still have the balances from 2009.