Close Income Statement and Additionnal Currency


When i try to run the report “Close Income Statement”, i get a message telling me that the additonnal currency as been set and that no entry will be transfered to a general journal before posting.

Is there a way to preview the values NAV is going to post before ?

Thanks in advance for your help



If ARC is used, closing entries are directly posted, not first “loaded” in Journal for you to review and post yourself. This is caused by calculating ACR Forex rates and adding -if needed-- ARC balancing entries. So may appear lines with zero Amount in LCY, but some Amount in ARC.

But you don’t need to worry - all P/L accounts will be “closed” and balances posted to Account you specify. (Don’t forget to set up Dimensions, which should be included - otherwise you loose breakdown to Dim level in closing entries).