Close current page FIRST then open a new page.

I have a page called (Item filter page) which have 4 fields (Filters).

On the On close page teriger ( ) I added the following code;


IF “No.” <> ‘0’ THEN

ItemTable.SETFILTER(ItemTable.“No.”,“No.”); // Setting a filter



My only problem is that when the Item list Page is opened the Filter Page remain opened! I want it to be closed first then the other page should be opened. any ideas?

Hi Zayed,

It wont Close until it gets Response . As you are using RUNMODAL It waits For Response from Other Page .If you want You can use it .

I think you are using a global Variable … Why Dont you use Like ItemListPage.RUN; this is what you needed I think [;)]…

Thanks, I used (RUN) and its working Perfectly :slight_smile: