Client Unable to connect 'packet' error

Navision 2.60B on windows 2000 server. Problem when Clients starts to connect, it allows them to log in and choose a company. It shows the main menu for a split second and then pop out this error message: The network is not functioning correctly. A ‘packet’ has been corrupted (a checksum error). This error indicates that the network is not completely reliable. Please note how often this type of error occurs in the network. Contact your system manager… Has anyone encounter this problem before? We are running 1 existing Navision server on a separate machine and I already made entries to Services and Hosts files for the new server Machine and client PCs. Thanks in advance, Randy

My first suspicion would be a faulty hub or router.

Hi, my NSC guided me trough a Journey to Navision 2.60G with Hotfix 2.

I am beginning to suspect a network problem but the other Navision Server is running fine without problems. We have less than 50 users and multiple companies and are trying to move the NF to a faster Server, P4 and Raid 1 [8D]

I have seen many Navision implementations with networking errors. I can not remember once ever that was a server or a switch. The most common reason is a faulty card on a computer somewhere, Next a bad or loose cable, then a hub. Be aware that you may have a connection between a good client and server, and somewhere the data is routed to a hub then to a faulty computer, its rare, but if it happens it could be a completely unrelated computer causing the problem. If I was to start looking, I would look at all the cables that may have gotten bumped or moved when installing the new machine, and start by getting at least one clean connection between the client and server via switches with all new cables. Then start a process of elimination to find the error. PS to generate lots of packets, create a backup from the client back onto a shared drive on the Navision server. Then on another machine run a routine that modifies data such as inventory adjustment. (Of course only for testing on a test database). Be also aware that if you have many thousands of dropped packets, you could eventually Corrupt the Navision database.

I’ll try to isolate the server by removing it’s connection from the entire network. Then I’ll connect this server to a small hub with a single pc client and see what happens. Hope not to get the same error from the client. Thanks

If possible, try to use a switch, NOT a hub. With a switch you have a better chance o isolating the exact source.

Thanks to all My new server uses a 1G/s fiber optic network card. It also has an on board network card that runs slower on 100mb/s. This error is resolved when we switch the network connection to the slower on board network card. We are now looking at replacing/reconfiguring the fiber optic network card. This seems strange since our other servers uses a similar 3com fiber optic network cards. I really do prefer to use the faster fiber optic network card instead of the on board one to improve speed.