Client Specific Forms

Hey guys, I’m sure you’ve all come across this issue and I would like to know how you handled it… We have a standard database with 20 different clients using it. Each client wants their own Customer Card which is different to the standard and the other clients. Two problems, how do we know which form to open and if we have to make a standard change to the forms how can we avoid having to program it in all 20 forms! Currently we have a Client Setup table which holds the FormID of the client specific form. On the Customer lookup lists etc we have added code to get the setup record and open the form using the FormID. Is there a better way? We also have to make changes on every client specific form if there is a standard upgrade for example. Can you suggest a better way? like having a standard customer form and using a client specific subform for example? Alex.

Functions like “Resize_form”, “Enablefields”, “Visiblefields” would also work (see main form of 3.70) but it’s also a mess (code shall be extremely long) if you have 20 customers on one db. But when upgrading :stuck_out_tongue: - it all starts again usually. So best solution is to ask the customer, if he/she really knows business practices that much better than a long-term developed solution? :slight_smile: - just a though but doens’t apply to forms unfortunately - rather to business logics ie navision standard practices.

Thanks, I had a look at the interaction form which is similar but it would be hard to maintain (maybe better than 20 forms though!) Anyone else have an idea? I don’t think there are many choices here but I thought I’d put it to the masses.