Client-Server user access rights with XP

Hi all, I have a question related to the Client-Server user access type. We have Navision 3.7 on a Win-2000 Server running and clients on Win-XP Workstations. In order to run the Navision client on a Workstation the user needs to have “PowerUser” rights. Is there any way to run Navision in a Network environment without granting the end-user “PowerUser” rights? Any hint in the right direction would be highly appreciated. … [:D]

Fritz - I have the client running on XP for users that are not in the “Power Users” group. The only files they write to are in their “documents and settings” folder. I didn’t do anything special, other than install the client from the Administrator’s login, not the users. Try that, if not I’ll look at the effective rights of a non “power user” for you and see if we can’t get to the bottom of this! -john

And users must have write permissions into Client program folder!!! (fin.exe write some minitree cache files there - for example fin.emt, fin.hmt etc.)

should the navision be accessing the local registry then the user would need to be a power user, but whether it is accessing the registry is the question [:D]

Why would it need to access the registry? I mean what would it store in the registry?

Navison does not write into CURRENT_USER registry… (only debugger)